Colonial Aluminum Flagpole Set - External Halyard

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All aluminum ground set flagpoles available in 12', 18' & 22' lengths. Flagpole consists of powder coated white painted seamless aluminum tubing sections which swedge together providing a smooth exterior finish. 100% Made in the USA! Replacement Colonial pole sections are available here.

Standard Accessories

  • Eyebolt and pulley assembly for easy raising and lowering of flag
  • Solid braided polypropylene flagpole rope (halyard)
  • Two Nylon flag snaps
  • Cast nylon rope cleat with mounting screws
  • Gold vinyl ball ornament
  • Heavy duty PVC ground sleeve
  • Maximum wind/gust 20 mph (low wind conditions)
  • Do not use with a flag larger than 3' x 5'
  • Do not fly multiple flags

Our solar light will not fit on top of this pole.


1 3/8"
1 5/8"
1 3/4"


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    18 ft. Colonial Flagpole Set

    Posted by Walter Vogtmann on Jul 25, 2021

    I bought the 18 ft. Colonial Aluminum Flagpole Set with External Halyard from American Flags Express. I was pleased to read that this flagpole is made in the USA. It is such a beautiful product it’s a shame it has so few reviews. So I felt compelled to write one. The aluminum pole comes in four sections plus a 15 inch black PVC pipe called a ground piece. The aluminum pipe sections are machined and tapered to fit together perfectly with no fuss or difficulty. The pole is painted white with an unbelievable perfect finish that should last a lifetime. The set was packaged securely with additional inner wrappings to prevent accidental cosmetic damage during shipping. I self-installed the flagpole in my backyard and have been proudly flying the Stars and Stripes for several days without incident. (The seller recommends removing the flag from the pole before super strong winds to prevent damage to the pole.) I am perfectly happy with the product and consider the price I paid as “good value.” I do have a caveat, however. It is that the assembly instructions that came in the shipping box were insufficient, and I had to return to the American Flags Express website several times to print information included there but not in the printed instructions from the box. For example, the website includes a schematic drawing of the below ground environment for the pole placement, including the advice to tamp the pea gravel at the bottom (no mention of this in the box instructions). Also, using a 50 lb. bag of Quikrete serves well for the concrete required. I simply poured the dry mix on top of the pea gravel and then added a gallon of water. It worked well. I also was perplexed by the hardware items in the box that were not referenced in the instructions. The box included three nuts and one washer. At first I concluded that two washers were missing and supplied them from my tool chest. But after returning to the website and taking a zoomed-in look at the eyebolt and pulley assembly I concluded that the concave washer was a tension washer to deter loosening of the eyebolt nut due to vibrations over time. If these issues had been referenced in the box instructions my installation would have progressed much more smoothly. In truth, the box instructions are good as far as they go, but they should have been more inclusive. I hope that future shipments of this truly wonderful product will include a more sufficient assembly instructions sheet. By the way, I should tell you (the box instructions do not) the hole you dig should be 21 inches deep.

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    Colonial Aluminum Flagpole Set

    Posted by Harry Riley on Sep 04, 2020

    Good buy for the price. Not as high as I would have liked but that's my shortcoming. Can I purchase an additional length of the pole? I'm using a 3x5' flag. Impact of an additional pole? Thanks.

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    Flag Pole Purchase went great

    Posted by Event Design Professional on Nov 03, 2015