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Save 50%* on Your Yearly American Flag Costs

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Save on U.S. flags simply by making them last twice as long
Download, Print and Mail in our Form

Download Flag Repair Form

If you purchase high quality American flags, 6' x 10' or larger, consider our flag repair service. Eventually all flags wear out but if you return your American flag to us for repairs we may be able to double the life of it. The secret is to send it in at the first signs of wear.

Here are the details:
Average Cost of Repairs (Not Including Shipping)

Normal Repair
       Extra-Reinforced Repair
6’ x 10’ – $20   6’ x 10’ – $40
8’ x 12’ – $24   8’ x 12’ – $48
10’ x 15’ – $30   10’ x 15’ – $60
12’ x 18’ – $36   12’ x 18’ – $72
15’ x 25’ – $50   15’ x 25’ – $100
20’ x 30’ – $60   20’ x 30’ – $120
25’ x 40’ – $80   25’ x 40’ – $160
30’ x 50’ – $100   30’ x 50’ – $200
30’ x 60’ – $120   30’ x 60’ – $240

*Check your invoice. Email or call (262) 783-4800 x14 if you do not know if your flag is Extra-Reinforced.

How to Return Your Flag for Repairs
Download, Print and Mail Our Form

Download Flag Repair Form

Return the flag with the form to:
American Flags Express
12615 W. Custer Ave.
Butler, WI 53007

Shipping must be prepaid. If you would prefer, e-mail a photo of your flag first for evaluation or call (262) 783-4800 x14.

When to Return a Flag for Repair
Typically the upper fly corner is first to incur wind damage. This is the area that whips most. We recommend returning your flag for repairs as soon as wind damage exceeds beyond the first top red stripe.

Flag Repair

Our Typical American Flag Repair
The flag does have to be shortened. The outer fly side of the flag is cut back to strong material. The new edge is folded and re-sewn in a fashion similar to the original flag, typically at least four rows of reinforcement stitching. Extra corner reinforcement can be added for an additional fee beginning at $32.00 and going up depending on flag size.

Turnaround Time
Typically you can expect one to two week turnaround time. This is dependent upon time of year, size of flag and amount of damage. You can call or e-mail our office for current approximate turnaround times.

Is It Proper to Repair an American Flag?
Yes, repairing and washing an American flag is not a violation of US Flag Code. Accepted practice allows the flag to be shortened until the overall fly dimension is at least twice the width of the star field (union). We would recommend replacing the flag before it gets that short but it is not uncommon to repair American flags at least once in order to extend the life. 

Repairs to Other Flags
Yes, we do repair state, country, corporate flags and banners. Send us a photo and we will provide you with more details.

*Actual savings is dependent upon local conditions and flag damage when returned for repairs.