Avenue Flag Set Instructions

Avenue Flag Set Assembly Instructions, Item # 135000G - Patent Pending

100% made in the U.S.A. (Wisconsin)

In the Box:

– Instruction Sheet
– 135001, 2-piece 6’ X 1” white powder coated aluminum pole
– Lower Flag Connection White Fiberglass Flag Stretcher with Red Clip
– Top Flag Connection
– 050522, Brass Acorn
– 310135, 35° Bracket with Thumbscrew (can be mounted with screws or steel straps, not included)
– 010005, Solar-Max Nylon American Flag (optional depending on which flag set you purchased)


  1. The bottom pole section has a divot (pointed at with pen.) This divot must face up when the pole is inserted into the bracket. The little pin must be facedown. This pin prevents the flag from wrapping.



  1. Place the flag stretcher assembly as shown in the photo below. 



  1. Screw the top pole section into the bottom section.



  1. Slide flag holder over the top of the pole.



  1. Attach flag to the bottom of the pole as shown below and repeat at the top of the pole. Adjust the top flag holder until the flag canvas header is straight. Insert the brass acorn ornament on top of the pole.



  1. Stretch bottom of the flag slightly taut and insert into flag clamp. Tighten thumbscrew by hand - no tools should be necessary. 



  1. Attach the bracket with 4 screws or it can be banded with a steel strap. (Screws/Steel strap not supplied)



Completed Avenue Flag Set with American Flags Express commercial quality nylon American flag (item number 010005) which comes with standard set.


If you have any questions: or call 262-783-4800
American Flags Express, 12615 W. Custer Ave., Butler, WI 53007

SPECIAL NOTE: This is a new product that I personally developed and began testing in 2019. Testing included survival through our horrendous Wisconsin winter. We set up 4 test stands in various locations and never once did any of the flags wrap. We wanted this to be the best flag set you could buy for your home, business or community and I think we have succeeded. We truly hope you enjoy your new flag set for years to come. 100% designed and manufactured in the USA.     – Thomas J D’Amico, Pres., American Flags Express, March 11, 2021