10 Tips for Extending American Flag Life

How-to Reduce Wear & Maintenance Costs (Particularly for Large Flags)

  • Repair your flag
  • Remove flag during extreme high wind gusts
  • Use one size smaller flag in spring
  • Keep the canvas header taut
  • Trim trees and eliminate other obstacles
  • Keep the flagpole clean and smooth
  • Use a ball versus an eagle ornament
  • Purchase the correct flag for your conditions
  • Plan the positioning of your flagpole
  • Regularly check your halyard

American Flag Repair  

American Flag Repair

American flags 15’ x 25’ are worth repairing. If you catch the damage quickly you can double and triple the life of your flag resulting in a huge savings. For details visit, Repair My Flag.

Remove Flags During Extreme High Gusts

Most damage occurs quickly during extreme high gusts. If you have extreme storms coming, consider removing the flag. You may not only extend the life of your flag but prevent halyard and flagpole damage.
  remove flags during high gusts

smaller flags in spring  

One Size Smaller Flag During Spring

During spring, typically the windiest season, consider moving down one flag size. The smaller flag flaps less. Of course, the smaller flag is also less expensive.

Keep the Canvas Header Taut

A flag is like an airplane wing turned on its side. There are areas of high and low pressure when the air passes smoothly over the flag. This is called laminar flow. If the header is taut, the airflow is smoother, and the flag will last longer. It will also look much nicer.
  keep canvas header tight

keep your flagpole clean and smooth  

Keep the Flagpole Clean and Smooth

This can be a challenge but worth the effort if you’re wearing out large flags quickly. Most flagpoles have a satin aluminum finish. It’s rough to the touch and tends to collect dirt and act like sandpaper against the flag. If your flags are wearing out along the bottom edge this could be the reason.

Trim Back Trees and Eliminate Other Obstacles

If your American flag rubs against trees or rooftops there’s no doubt you’re going to end up buying a lot of flags.
  flag with tree damage

eagle ornaments cause problems  

Ball Versus Eagle Ornament

A smooth ball ornament is not as impressive as an eagle, but chances are the flag will not snag. Eagle ornaments will occasionally catch the flag on the pointy wings causing rips in the center of the flag. One solution is to lower the flag a tad from the top of the pole.

Purchase the Correct Flag for Your Conditions

You get what you pay for. If you purchase a cheap lightweight flag and you have average to high winds, you are going to have a lot of maintenance expense. Easiest way to pick the correct flag is to call our office and tell us your conditions. (262) 783-4800 x10 Beyond that, click on the phrase that best describes your conditions:
average to high winds
high winds
extreme high winds
extreme high winds and gusts
  buy correct flag for conditions

flag display site planning  

Flagpole Positioning

We see this more often than you would believe. Flagpoles placed too close together causing unnecessary flag damage.

Check Your Halyard

Replacing worn halyard before it breaks is easy and inexpensive. Once it breaks your flag may be damaged and you will need a lift truck at a cost of about $300 per hour plus landscaping repair.
  check flag halyard