Airport / Helipad Windsocks and Frames

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Windsocks and Frames Sold Separately. You can find our high quality Airport Windsock Frames here.

Our bright orange highly visible airport windsocks are constructed with the finest fade and wind resistant 400 denier nylon oxford. All seams are sewn with double needle construction using UV resistant thread and use #2 spur grommets at throat for maximum attachment strength Throat and tail are double stitched to ensure long life and designed to fully extend with 15 mph winds. Our goal is always to reduce maintenance and increase airport safety.

Specially designed frame assures freedom of movement for accurate wind direction. All frames are finished to withstand weather and require minimum maintenance with their non-corrosive bearings. Welded construction for easy attachment.

Recommendation for Installation
Insert (drop) the 1" OD riser pipe (that comes out of bottom bearing) into 1-1/4" OD (1-1/8 ID) water pipe at the top of your existing pole. If you wish a washer can be put on the riser pipe. This washer will rest on the bottom bearing casing. This in no way affects the bearing. If you don't want to use a washer the bottom bearing casing will rest on your pipe. -- The nipple of the bearing (where set screw fastens bearing to riser pipe) will rest on your 1-1/4" OD pipe or the washer. If your existing pipe is a lot larger than the 1-1/4" OD pipe, make sure riser pipe does not rock side to side. -- This type of installation in no way effects the function of the bearing. --This type of installation also makes it much easier to take the frame down when replacing the windsock.