4'' Diameter Xtreme Flagpole Up-Light

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Commercial Quality American Flag LED Light

This is not one of those junkie plastic flag lights that you must replace every year. This LED light is truly commercial quality and was originally designed for use on earth-moving vehicles. It's particularly well-suited for lighting the American flag because of its 10° narrow beam. If you want your American flag brightly lit we recommend this light for flagpoles ranging in height from 25 feet to 65 feet. We recommend 2 units for 65 ft. to 80 ft. and 4 units for 80 ft. to 100 ft. We also recommend the light be placed one quarter the flagpole height away from the flagpole although this is not always possible. If you would prefer to mount the light directly on the flagpole we do make a mounting kit with this light included listed separately here. Requires low-voltage 120 W transformer with built-in sun tracking technology, sold separately.

NOT INCLUDED: You will need a transformer we recommend the unit below which is available directly from Menards: Menards, Patriot Lighting® 200W Low Voltage Transformer

  • Seven 6-Watt LED's
  • 10 degree narrow beam
  • 3696 Lumens
  • Waterproof
  • Diecast aluminum housing
  • Poly-carbonate lens
  • 2.65 pounds
  • Dimensions 4.71" x 3.97" x 3.14"
  • 3/8” mounting bolt with lock nut

• The 4-inch LED light can be powered by any source if it can provide at least 35W of DC power. That is equivalent to 2.9 Amp at 12 volts.
• Personally, I have found they work best at 42 W which is equivalent to 3.5 A at 12 V
• So, if you're using a solar panel, you will need a battery in the system because, solar panels don't work at night when you want to use the light.