Jan 02, 2020

Which Flag Should I Buy?

Nylon Flags
Sewn Stripes and Embroidered Stars
Our Nylon flags are recognized as America's #1 choice for U.S. flags. These commercial heavy duty nylon flags are constructed with 200 denier UV & wind resistant nylon 66 Bright Lustre, the same type of nylon used for parachutes and hot air balloons. This proven performer stands up extremely well in tough conditions.

Poly-Max 2-Ply Polyester Flags
Sewn Stripes and Embroidered Stars
Recognized as the most durable of all flag fabrics, our 2-Ply Polyester American flags are crafted of 2-ply 100% polyester. This flag is your best choice for high winds and intense sun in coastal areas such as CA, TX, and FL. 2-Ply Polyester American flags reduce maintenance costs for business, institutional and civic applications.

* If you are not in a high wind area, we recommend our Nylon American flag, which is just as fade resistant as our 2-Ply Polyester, but made from 200 Denier Nylon 66, which flies better in average wind conditions. You will also save a few dollars if high wind damage is not a concern in your area.

Not sure what size flag you need? Take a look at the table below.

Flag Dimension Calculator

20' 3' x 5'
25' 4' x 6'
30' 5' x 8'
35' 6' x 10'
40' 8' x 12'
50' 10' x 15'
60' to 70' 12' x 18'
80' 15' x 25'
90' 25' x 40'
100' 30' x 50'
110' to 150' 30' x 60'
160' to 180' 40' x 80'
200' 60' x 100'

*Warning: If you are in a high wind area select a flag at least one size smaller than indicated above. When selecting a flag size also take into consideration your pole diameter and wall construction and condition.