Telescoping Wonderflex Flagpole

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Telescoping WonderFlex Poles (For 12' x 26" feather flags and a wide range of other applications)

These fiberglass flagpoles sway in the breeze producing a dramatic, attention-getting display. Available in both 15' and 21' exposed height sizes. The 15' pole is adjustable from 6' to 15' while the 21' pole is adjustable from 8' to 21'. When used in combination with our NeverFurl flag unfurlers, the visual effect is amazing.

Top Diameter of pole is .75". Butt diameter is 1.25".

The maximum number of flags recommended to be flown are as follows:
15' pole: one 3' x 5' flag, OR one 4' x 6' flag, OR two 2' x 3' flags
21' pole: two 3' x 5' flags, OR three 2' x 3' flags, OR one 4' x 6' and one 3' x 5' flag

Excellent poles for feather flags and many other creative uses. Our customers have reported using these poles to retrieve radio control airplanes from trees, antenna masts, elevated GoPro camera perch, temporary security camera perch, flagpole for tailgate occasions and more!