Double Arm Banner Mounting Set - w/ Top Crossbar & Bottom Strap

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Designed for use with a pair of banners with pole hems at the top and and a nylon strap at the bottom. Allows banners to blow in the breeze a bit. Your banners will need a grommet on each bottom inside corner. 1 set includes everything you need to mount 2 banners side-by-side! 

Standard Accessories

  • 2 stainless steel mounting straps
  • 1 double banner brackets
  • 1 clear anodized aluminum crossbar (1.5" diameter)
  • 1 nylon strap (to secure the bottom inside corners of the banners)
  • 2 end caps

Our Deluxe Double Arm Banner Set with bootom and top cross bars (no nylon ties) can be found here. To mount on square poles you will need our Square Pole U-Bolts, which are found here.