POW-MIA Flag on a Stick

Does not include table base
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POW-MIA Flag on a Stick

Fast shipping! POW-MIA flags! Available in four different fabrics and three different sizes. If you need help selecting the correct flag call our office during normal business hours. We love to help our customers.

Endura-Gloss – Brilliantly printed on silk-like material. Hemmed on all four sides. 4" x 6" flags mounted on 3/16" x 10"
black plastic staff with gold spear (Made in the USA!); 8" x 12" flags mounted on 1/4" x 18" black wood staff with gold spear(Imported). Highest quality mounted flag. Ideal for desktop display. 12"x18" mounted on 5/16" x 24" Wood Staff (Imported)
Lightweight Cotton - Printed on 100% soft cotton sheeting and hemmed on all four sides. Comes complete with a gold spear. Made in the USA!
Cotton No-Fray - Made of special no-fray material that doesn't require hemming. Mounted on 3/16" x 10" natural
wood staff with no tip. Ideal for larger promotions and giveaways. Made in the USA!
Lightweight Polyester – Printed on lightweight polyester. Hemmed on all four sides. Flags mounted on 5/16" x 24" natural wood staff with gold spear. Most popular economy choice. Imported.

Does not include include table base / flag stand. Flag Table Bases can be found here.