IH-1 Cast Aluminum Single Pulley Stationary Flagpole Truck - Internal Halyard

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  • For rope syle internal halyard poles
  • Stationary truck
  • Cap style truck
  • Single pulley
  • Construction: Cast aluminum
  • Internal Pulley: 1-1/2" outside diameter cast nylon on 1/4" stainless steel axle. Pulley assembly affixed to inside of truck by 5/16"-18NC stainless steel set screw.
  • External Pulley: Cast nylon on 1/4" stainless steel axle (2" outside diameter for 3" pole. 1.5" outside diameter for 3.5" pole)
  • Max halyard diameter: 5/16"
  • Truck: Secured by 3 stainless steel set screws (size 5/16"-18NC)
  • Ornaments: Accepts spindle threading of 1/2"-13NC. Secured by 1 stainless steel pan head screw (size 10-32)
  • Can be supplied with other threading sizes if desired - Call (262) 783-4800 x10

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