Complete U.S. Military Indoor Flag Set w/ NEW USAF Logo

Includes selected color accessories and Metal Flag Spreaders. If you need your order expedited, please call us - 262-783-4800 x 14
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Complete U.S. Military Indoor Flag Set w/ New USAF Logo

  • Includes all 6 Military Branch Indoor Parade Flags - Marines, Army, Navy, NEW USAF Air Force Seal, Space Force, and Coast Guard.
  • Includes all necessary poles, floor stands, ornaments, cords & tassles, and metal flag spreaders.
  • Pole Hem (no grommets but includes a leather tab for mounting on pole)
  • Commercial Quality
  • Low Maintenance
  • 200 Denier Nylon 66 (The Best Nylon for Flags)
  • UV Resistant
  • Gold fringe is 2"

Fast shipping, 100% made in the USA, indoor military flag sets. If you need help selecting the correct flag call our office during normal business hours. We love to help our customers.

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Please note: There are two designs available to the public. The Air Force Seal flag is the latest design. Check your DOD regulations for your preferred version for government installations. Click here to order the previous generation of Air Force flags included in the Military Indoor/Parade sets .